Ready to take your live music shows to the next level?  Streaming quality live pay-per-view music performances through social media channels requires live streaming equipment.  Choosing the appropriate equipment is challenging and time consuming.

Music Cloud Media co-founder and #1 internet radio broadcaster Harry Teaford listed his streaming equipment recommendations below.  Harry is the Managing Partner of The A1A Media Network and its affiliates RadioA1A, Cruisin’ Country Radio and Paradise Road Radio.

Harry Teaford’s Streaming Equipment Recommendations:

Our preferred partner for audio/technical radio gear is Roq (Rock) Martin at Sweetwater (www.sweetwater.com). Roq offers the quality gear at preferred rates for our musicians.

Zoom is recommended as the musician source of video streaming of virtual events. Harry conducts frequent free trainings on how to use Zoom to make virtual events affordable. Below is what our sponsor ‘Sweetwater’ recommends for computer equipment to ensure quality video of a virtual event: a reliable laptop with an i5 Intel processor or higher with a minimum of 8GB of RAM. The preferred setup is an i7 Intel processor with 16GB of RAM.


This is the best board to get for doing live music performances.

BEHRINGER, QX1204USB Premium 12-Input 2/2-Bus Mixer Xenyx Mic Preamps & Compressors Klark Teknik Multi-FX Processor Black


This is a good one and good price for live music. Less quality but cheaper.

Behringer Xenyx X1204USB Premium 12-Input 2/2-Bus Mixer with USB/Audio Interface


I would suggest two of these for camera connection.

Plugable 10 Meter (32 Foot) USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable Type A Male to A Female


And two of these.

Webcam 1080P with Microphone & Ring Light, Vitade 960A Pro USB HD PC Web Camera Video Cam for Streaming


One vocal mic per singer.

Shure Beta 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone


One of these per singer or an extra for an overhead. I would get two at least.

On-Stage Stands MS7701B Euro Boom Microphone Stand


Mic Cables I would recommend 3 or more.

On-Stage Stands HW-MC12-20 Microphone Cable – 20′


Get one Furman power cable.

Furman SS-6B 6-outlet Pro Surge Suppressor Strip


Video lighting as needed.

IK Multimedia iRig Video Creator Bundle Video and Streaming Kit


This is better. You would need two 20 ft extension cords with these.

Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit


We hope this helps clear up some confusion.  If you need Zoom training or have further questions about equipment please be sure to reach out to Harry Teaford at A1A Radio.


Thank you!

~Music Cloud Medi


You have all the equipment you need?  Follow the link below to be on your way to your first live pay-per-view performance.